Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to The Stone Water Jar

In an effort to get back to writing, I am beginning a new blog dedicated to thoughts on Christianity. I have a tendency to write treatises. Here, I hope to write posts that are frequent, hopefully two per week, and short, less than 300 words, intended to provoke thoughts, not to settle them.

For readers who do not know me personally, I have no clerical or scholarly credentials on subjects related to Christianity. I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry and philosophy, and I'm beginning a PhD in chemistry. In theological matters, I'm an interested amateur. Use good judgment in evaluating what I have to say. I am intending to address an audience of Christians and I will always assume basic familiarity with the Bible and with Christian teaching.

The title of the blog alludes to John 2, in which Jesus turns the water in six stone jars into new wine, foreshadowing the new life to be realized in God's kingdom. May these writings be a part of that realization.

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